How to Save Kent Connolly?

In the game Fallout 3, the character Kent Connolly can be saved by completing the quest “The Power of the Atom.” This quest involves disarming a nuclear bomb in the town of Megaton. Once the bomb is disarmed, Kent Connolly will be safe and can be found in Megaton’s crater.

  • Go to the Kent Connolly page on Facebook and click on the “About” tab
  • Scroll down to the “Life Story” section and click on the “Edit” button
  • In the “Story” field, type in “Kent Connolly needs your help! Please donate to his GoFundMe page (link below) to help him with medical expenses
  • Click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page
  • Share the updated story with your friends and family to spread awareness about Kent’s situation

Save Kent Connolly Walkthrough

In order to save Kent in Fallout 4, you will need to complete a series of quests. The first quest is “The Way Life Should Be” which can be started by talking to Kent in Diamond City. This quest will lead you to the town of Lexington where you will need to find a cure for Kent’s disease.

After finding the cure, you will need to return to Diamond City and give it to Kent. The second quest is “Taking Point” which can be started by talking to Proctor Ingram in the Boston Airport. This quest will lead you to the town of Quincy where you will need to help the settlers there defend against an attack from raiders.

After successfully defending Quincy, you will need to return to Boston Airport and talk to Proctor Ingram again. The third and final quest is “Powering Up” which can be started by talkingto Preston Garvey in Sanctuary Hills. This quest will lead you into the town of Cambridge where you will need help the settlers there get power back online.

Once Cambridge has power, you will then need t returno Sanctuary Hills and talkto Preston Garvey again..


Can You Save Kent Connolly Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 has a lot of different endings. Some are good, some are bad, but all of them are permanent. So, can you save Kent in Fallout 4?

The short answer is yes, you can save Kent in Fallout 4. However, the method by which you do so is a bit complicated and requires a fair amount of effort on your part. To save Kent in Fallout 4, you first need to complete the quest “Reunions.”

This quest is given to you by Preston Garvey and is part of the main storyline. Once you complete this quest, head to Concord and speak with Sturges. He will tell you that there is a way to save Kent, but it requires using a special serum on him.

The serum can be found in the Diamond City Market. To get it, you need to purchase it from Trudy for 500 caps or steal it from her safe (which requires picking Trudy’s pocket). Once you have the serum, return to Concord and give it to Sturges.

He will then take care of the rest andKent will be saved!

How to Get to Kent Connolly?

Directions to Kent Connolly: 1. Head east on I-84 E/US-6 E toward Exit 43 for CT-15/Hartford. 2. Take exit 43 for CT-15/Hartford and continue onto CT-15 N/Sisson Ave.

3. Use the right lane to take the ramp to Capitol Area/Downtown Hartford and merge onto Capitol Ave. 4. Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto State St and destination will be on the left.

How Do I Get to Sinjin?

Assuming you would like information on the Sinjin region in the video game Final Fantasy XIV, below are directions on how to get there from the three nearest city-states. From Limsa Lominsa: Take the ferry from Aleport to Costa del Sol.

From Costa del Sol, take the path southwest past Sunsail Anchorage until you reach a crossroads. Take the path southeast and follow it until you come to another crossroads. At this point, take the path northeast which will lead you directly to Sinjin.

From Gridania: Take the Airship from Central Shroud to Eastern La Noscea. When you disembark at Camp Overlook, take the path east until you reach a lake.

Cross the lake using the wooden bridge and continue following the path east until it forks off in two directions. Take the southern fork of this path and follow it all they way south until you reach Sinjin. From Ul’dah:

The quickest way to get to Sinjin from Ul’dah is by chocobo porter service which can be found just outside of Scarlet Gate in Western Thanalan. This will take players straight to Aleport where they can then follow the same instructions as those coming from Limsa Lominsa.

How Do I Complete the Silver Shroud Quest?

The silver shroud quest is one of the many side quests available in Fallout 4. The quest can be started by speaking to Ipswich at the Radio Tower in Goodneighbor. He will tell you about a local detective named Nick Valentine who has gone missing.

He asks you to find out what happened to him and bring him back safely. Ipswich will give you a key to Nick’s apartment as well as some clues to get you started on your investigation. Once you have entered his apartment, be sure to look around for any clues that may help you solve the case.

After searching the apartment, make your way over to Hubris Comics where you will find more clues about Nick’s whereabouts. Once you have all the clues, head over to Graygarden and speak with Mayor McDonough. He will tell you that he knows what happened to Nick and where he is being held captive.

Head over to the indicated location and rescue Nick from his captors. Be sure to use caution when approaching as there are multiple enemies guarding him. After defeating all the guards, returnNick safely backto Ipswich at the Radio Tower for your reward.

Fallout 4 – How To Easily Defeat Sinjin and Save Kent Connolly [ Silver Shroud ]


If you’re a fan of the television show Supernatural, then you know that character Kent Connolly is in a bit of trouble. His soul is trapped in Purgatory and he’s slowly going insane. Thankfully, there are ways to save him!

First and foremost, fans need to band together and petition The CW network. The more signatures they can get, the better chance they have of saving Kent. In addition, fans can spread the word on social media using the hashtag #SaveKentConnolly.

If enough people talk about it, maybe someone at The CW will take notice and do something to help out poor Kent. So if you want to see more of this beloved character, be sure to take action and help save him!


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