How to Remove Keycaps Without Tool?

There are a few ways to remove keycaps without a tool. The first is to simply pull the keycap off with your fingers. You can also use a butter knife or other flat object to pry the keycap off.

Finally, you can use a keycap puller, which is a small tool that helps to remove and replace keycaps.

  • Look for the keycap size chart online or in the manual that came with your keyboard to determine which keycap size you need
  • Find a flat surface on which to remove the keycaps, such as a table or desk
  • You will also need a cloth or paper towel to rest the keycaps on while you work
  • Insert the tip of your finger under the edge of a keycap and gently pry it up from the keyboard
  • If the keycap is stuck, use a butter knife or other thin tool to help pry it up
  • Be careful not to damage the keyboard in the process
  • Repeat step 3 for all desired keys
  • Once all keys are removed, proceed to cleaning them (see below)
  • To replace the keycaps, simply reverse steps 1-4

How to Remove Keycaps With Fingers

Assuming you want to remove the keycaps from a mechanical keyboard: Step 1: Turn off your computer and unplug the keyboard. If it’s a wireless keyboard, make sure it has no batteries installed.

Step 2: Look for the keycap-removal tool that came with your keyboard, or use a paperclip (as shown in the video below). Gently insert the tool underneath the keycap at a 45-degree angle. You should feel a little resistance as you push down.

Step 3: Apply gentle pressure and wiggle the keycap back and forth until it pops off. Be careful not to pull too hard or you could damage the switch beneath. Once the keycap is off, you’ll see two metal posts—these are what hold the keycap in place.

Take note of their orientation so you can put the keycap back on correctly later. Some keyboards have different sized posts, so pay attention to which post is longer before removal.


Can You Pull Keycaps off by Hand?

You can indeed pull keycaps off by hand, though it takes a bit of finesse. The first step is to find the right tool. A flathead screwdriver or a butter knife will do the trick nicely.

You’ll also need something to prop the keyboard up so you can get at the underside of the keys – a book or a box works well for this. Once you have your tools in place, gently insert the tip of your chosen implement under the keycap at one edge. Gently pry up on the keycap until it pops free.

If it’s giving you trouble, try wiggling it back and forth a bit as you pry. Be careful not to damage the plastic around the key socket – if you’re having too much trouble, there’s probably another way to remove that particular keycap (usually involving unscrewing something). With the keycap removed, you should now be able to see (and clean!) the underlying metal contacts.

To replace the keycap, simply line it up with its socket and give it a firm push down – again, being careful not to damage anything in the process.

How Do You Take Keys off a Keyboard Without a Tool?

There are a few ways to remove keys from a keyboard without a tool. The first way is to use your fingernails. Place your thumb on the back of the key and your index finger on the front of the key.

Gently push down with your thumb and pull up with your index finger until the key pops off. The second way is to use a butter knife. Place the butter knife under the key and gently pry it up until it comes off.

The third way is to use a can opener. Open the can opener and place it under the key. Gently twist the can opener until the key pops off.

The fourth way is to use pliers. Place the pliers under the key and gently pull up until it comes off.

What If I Dont Have a Keycap Puller?

If you don’t have a keycap puller, you can use a paperclip or a toothpick to remove the keycaps from your keyboard. Just insert the paperclip or toothpick into the hole under the keycap and gently pry up on the keycap. Repeat this process for all of the keycaps on your keyboard.

How Do I Remove Keycaps from a Normal Keyboard?

Assuming you want to remove keycaps from a mechanical keyboard, the process is relatively simple. You will need a keycap puller, which can be purchased online or at some computer stores. With the keycap puller, gently insert it under the keycap and hook onto the edges of the keycap.

Be sure not to put the hooks on top of the stems that go into the switch- this will damage your switches. Apply an even amount of pressure and pull straight up; the keycap should come off with little resistance. Some keys may be more stubborn than others; if this is the case, try wiggling the keycap back and forth while pulling up until it pops off.

How to Take off Keycaps Without a Keycap Remover – Use a Binder Clip


If you want to remove your keycaps without a tool, there are a few things you can do. First, try using a butter knife or credit card. Gently insert the blade between the keys and the keycap and twist.

You should be able to pop the keycap off easily. If not, you can also use a pair of tweezers. Insert the tips of the tweezers into the space between the keys and twist until the keycap pops off.


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